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chihuahua dachshund mix

There is no easy way to tell which coat type a litter of pups will end up with before they arrive. Chipit (Pitbull x Chihuahua) Sturdy, agile, fun-loving, and devoted dog, the Chipit also has a … They’re sociable dogs and love spending time with their families. This type of body structure puts even more stress on the spine as well as the legs, putting the dog at even greater risk of disk herniation. the most concerning issue is I have a 12 year old cat and the dog will bite our cat in the head or ears. I adopted my rescue Chiweenie about 6 weeks ago. Posted Breed: Dachshund / Chihuahua / Mixed (short coat). It’s best that they live in a home where jumping or going up and down steep steps won’t be part of their daily activities. I live in Georgia and would prefere to get one close by. Due to the variation in their parents’ fur coats, Chiweenies may have a short or long coat that is smooth, course, or wirehaired. Like humans, Dachshunds’ spinal columns are composed of vertebrae, with a “disk” separating each vertebra. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, March 16, 2019 By Caitlin Riffee 71 Comments. Miniature Dachsies typically mature to 6 inches at the shoulder, which is the same for standard Chihuahuas. We absolutely have to keep anytging out up. I have a 3 month old chiweenie that was very tiny when I got him. Their small size may be adorable, but it comes with some serious potential health implications, which we’ll look at in a bit. Both of these parent breeds have been around for quite some time. Exercise is a must. We are happy. Training a Chiweenie isn’t an easy job, especially if you don’t have that much experience in the field. Too much force can cause a disk to squeeze and rupture. But they’re very social and love spending time with their owners. He loves to play outside, chew on sticks and soft toys, and wrestle with his brother. Loyal and loving, the Chiweenie tends to pick a special person to favor over all others. I love my Jamie. Please please adopt from shelters and rescues and don’t breed. Aggression is a dog owner’s biggest fear. She was in the street, really scared of everything and everyone, all skin and bones and I was feeding her for a few days before I rescued her. If you are as lazy busy as I am, then this is the perfect breed for you . My PERFECT Dobby is a “pedigree mutt”. Good article about the designer dog Chiweenie, expect: I would be very careful when using the verb, “aggressive”. With a lot of love and patience, he learned to love us in time. Both the Dachshund and the Chihuahua come in a wide variety of solid colors. I have two Chiweenies! Just so you know, SpockTheDog may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. But the Chiweenie is a much more recent creation that has become more popular since the 1990s. If you know anyone one in Arizona or Oregon who has one for adoption or rescue, please contact me. In the meantime it is essential that you don’t allow them access to each other, until the problem is resolved. I give her dog chew or natural chicken strips to distract her from this habit. Especially if they do not like someone approaching their owner. I cut back a little if I give treats or mix in wet food as a treat. And let’s not forget its name, how can you not smile as you say the breed name “Chiweenie” out loud? We got ours from a local rescue. He is loyal to us to be sure, but, he genuinely likes people. I'm Sioux, an 18 lb, 3 year old, terrier mix. I had a chihuahua who had been badly beaten. However, there are some ways we can try to minimise potential aggression. Break off a little piece and give it to the dog each time they give you their attention, no matter how little attention it is. Its a small dog at about 6 to 10 inches tall, weighing between 5 to 12 pounds. What do I do? According to a 2005 study, many dog breeds that mature to less than 20 pounds suffer from early-onset poor dental health due to inherited overcrowded teeth, the formation of periodontal disease, and subsequent tooth loss. They’re also called “Mexican Hotdogs.” 1. Chiweenies are generally pretty yippy dogs. They’re small, adorable, and, most importantly, they love to play. I have a four month old chiweenie. We’re in love. She keeps my daughter alive as she has very bad anxiety attaches and her puppy could since it. Male and female Chiweenies stand at eight to 12 inches. Make sure to ask about the health of the parent dogs used to create your Chiweenie, and to see health certificates if possible! The reason for this is that F1 mixes are considered to be the healthiest and that further crossbreeding can lead to re-emergen… Otherwise she has 1/2 cup food in the morning and evening. I hope her life span qill not be shortened due to this condition. I just don’t care and they don’t either. A 2011 study showed that intervertebral disc disease may also, in a way, be hereditary. I hope that my contribution to Animalso will help others find dogs who give them that same unconditional love. This 21st Century breed may be new, … Male dogs weigh six to 10 pounds while females reach five to eight pounds. Get a Chiweenie home, and be prepared to receive a lot of love from a very small package. She is very affective, but sometimes she doesn’t want us to touch her and shows her teeth. first he will take anything from the tv remote to shoes and anything else he can reach. We believe we have a Chiweenie too! Leslie. Their popularity is clear even on social media! She is in very good shape. Therefore, the Chihuahua Dachshund Mix can be expected to live for approximately 12 to 20 years. This time, I got a Tasmanian devil. Helping you decide if this is the best breed for you. Saury is a sweet older guy. He loves to mark furniture when visitors come over, despite the fact that he’s been neutered since 6 months. Best Service Dogs ever. I wish to solve both problems as quickly and easy as possible. These dogs are smart, healthy, loyal and they bond very well with their owners. Dachshunds originated as hunting dogs, and Chihuahuas were bred for their devoted personality. Please remember that the shelters can’t keep up and find enough homes for all of the dogs and cats. Welcome to your complete guide on the Chiweenie! Own chiweenie pup I was raised to be a dog person. Chiweenies don’t require a huge amount of exercise. Depending on the severity of the condition, he may or may not recover. Every time a dog moves, pressure is exerted on these disks. If you are looking for a quieter dog, the Chiweenie might not be the one for you. Wait, there are two, The Alaskan Klee Kai is a beautiful breed that is commonly, An albino dog has inherited a rare genetic mutation. Never acquired two puppies at the same time, they feed off each other and always mimic each other! Chiweenies tend to bond and listen to one family member more than the others. I was aware of what I was getting so we were prepared. A few common canine ailments include hip dysplasia, eye diseases, allergies, and skin irritations. If they are respectful of him he will allow them near him, but, I feel that his issue with children is because of his fear of them hurting him, and not out of an inherent dislike of them. HIS STORY: Carisi, R.G. And her first shots. Hope this helped, Hey I have chiweenie as well he has long legs small head big ears skinny and long I was wondering the same thing. If concerned, get a vet’s opinion. I hope that all of this helps in your decisions about getting this breed of dog. We love our ‘Violet’! However, the risk is that it will be spent riddled with back and/or dental problems. While their small size is favorable if you have a smaller living space, it can also bring with it some health concerns. This, Looking for info on the American Akita, we'll tell you, American Bull Terrier breeds and mixes are probably among, Wondering about the American Bulldog Lab Mix? The Chiweenie is the name given to the cute Chihuahua Dachshund mix. Just adopted Chiweenie (we think) she’s one plus year old and the shelter told us she and her sister were running loose with horses on a farm. Simply put, if a small dog has the same number of teeth as a much larger dog, their teeth are spaced very closely together (and can sometimes come in crooked). Before you make the big decision on your next family dog, there are a few things to consider. How can i put a picture of my chiweenie boy? 28 Husky Facts – Astound Your Friends With These Fascinating Facts, 35 Fun German Shepherd Dog Facts To Amaze Your Friends, 8 Week Old German Shepherd Dog – Facts And Puppy Routines, A Complete Guide To The Long Haired Dachshund, Affenpinscher Dog Breed Information Center, Afghan Hound Dog Breed Information Center – A Guide To The Afghan Dog, African Dog Breeds: Discover The Beautiful Pups of Africa, Airedale Terrier – Your In-Depth Guide a Beautiful Breed, Airedoodle – The Airedale Terrier Poodle Mix, Akita Dog Breed Information Center – A Complete Guide To The Akita. She also is a perfect body weight and very lean with lots of muscle. They do well. He’s been great but a Ton if work. She’s doing a little better, but still has accidents, especially if we leave the house for more than an hour. Could your dog be in pain? You will need to think seriously about whether you are happy to bring up a puppy with such a big potential for health and temperament problems as these cute little guys have. Both Dachsies and Chihuahuas are not the most tolerant when it comes to young children. Chiweenies have become popular around the 1990s. Caring for your Chiweenie is not a full-time job, 6. The result is what is referred to by many in the dog world as a Chiweenie. Luckily Chiweenies tend to regulate their food intake to cover their daily needs, so if you pay attention to leftovers, you’ll know pretty easily how much food she needs and when to feed her. Chiweenie. Is it common for some chiweenies to have long legs? You can expect a mixed breed dog to live about as long as its parent breeds. Like other hybrid dogs, the Chihuahua Dachshund mix’s features can resemble either parent, or just be a blend of the two. Given my experience with him I must say that the Chiweeni is Her favorite foods are … Let me know if you’re still interested – I am willing to spend whatever to get him to the right home where he can be loved and treated wonderfully Our girls now fill a void that only canines can. With her toys also touch down Posted Breed: Chihuahua / Dachshund / Mixed. Despite their independence, with a lot of patience and using positive reinforcement many Chiweenie owners have arrived at great results when it comes to potty training. I believe that to encourage the dog to do just the opposite to stop him from stealing in the first place. I had THE perfect chiweenie–8 lbs fully grown, sweet and great with family. I have a 10 month old Chiweenie which I have two major problems. These pint-sized mixes are a great choice for dog lovers who want an indoor dog who can be happy living in small spaces. She has a small patch of missing fur on one of her paws, and I’m worried this may be a rash. Outside of these small tasks, all you have to do is love your dog and enjoy her company, as Chiweenies are wonderful lap dogs that prefer to take a nap next to you while you’re relaxing on your couch. I don’t know if it’s because of their different appearances, but these dogs have received many names since they’ve been created. I’ve just adopted a 7 year old male chiweenie. If we crate her, it’s worse because she should thd crste, Steph in it & makes s mess. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. A Chiweenie is a cross between a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Dachshund. I then moved it further away from the door and in no time he understood that he was to go outside to do his business. She is loving and sociable with all my visitors so no problem there. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Start looking at rescue web sites and you will eventually run across one. Another possible Chiweenie health issue to consider is the extreme shortening of legs when a Dachshund is bred to a Chihuahua. Many people ask me what service they provide. The Afghan Hound breed is independent, gentle, and calm. That being said I’ve had him just about 2 weeks and yesterday and today he’s been having some diarrhea. If a Chiweenie inherits a longhaired or wirehaired coat, then it will need some brushing as well as a bit of grooming. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1. They are short of stature, but definitely not short on personality and affection. 1. I would Love too. However, if they have a smooth and short to medium-length coat, then they’ll be fine with some brushing. Meaning, if several dogs in a family of Dachshunds or Dachshund hybrids have weak backs (risk of disk calcification) and are prone to herniation, future generations will be more likely to develop intervertebral disc disease. If a Chiweenie takes after its Dachshund parent, she may also enjoy chasing after wildlife. Dachshunds, a hound breed, are loud, and Chihuahuas are also known for their vocalization. I had three other’s before who lived out their happy lives with me. Either one of them could seriously injure the other if this continues. He and his siblings were being given away in a chain store parking lot. Abound lamb & rice caned or kibble is easy to digest. This mixed breed is a combination of a purebred Chihuahua breed and a purebred Dachshund breed. Please do no breed her. Then I put it right outside the door. Sometimes this breed can get an attitude that can come from the Chihuahua … My chiweenie is maybe six weeks pregnant and so far everything has been fine im just concerned weather or not she will survive the birth, We have what we believe is a Chaweenie but VERY territorial about food or even toys to point of snapping & hss bit husband twice-any suggrstions t get him out of this behavor that won’t break the bank? It doesn’t matter if it’s a chiweenie or a chi or a what-cha-ma-call it. She is loveable , loyal, good watch dog, best dog I ever owned. Douglas County, Roseburg, OR ID: 21-01-07-00009. The same difficulty applies when predicting the height of your Chiweenie. Anyone experienced having to train an adult Chiweenie. Not only is this a great way to get the dog of your dreams, but it also gives an older dog a second chance to have a loving home. Chiweenies are an adorable mixed breed, but can vary massively from one dog to the next. He is a very intelligent, affectionate but extremely energetic dog. I’m interested in your Paco as my daughter in Arizona just lost her beloved dog, which she had from 6 weeks old. Eats shoes, ear buds, stuffed toys, and most anything really. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I’ve had him for 3 years & absolutely love him. Alaskan Klee Kai: The Spitz Dog with the Husky Look. We try to keep him away from strangers, but they love to try to pet him since he’s so cute! He’s developed hip problems for which he takes medications for and the dental problems inherent with this breed have been addressed by regular teeth cleanings every 2 years. Just got me a beautiful chocolate mini Dotson mini chiwawa mix he is so beautiful and looks more like the Dotson features. 1. Often, one parent’s influence will outweigh the other. With a lot of work & patience this dog worked out for us. Your email address will not be published. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Her nails need to be trimmed monthly, and her coat is low maintenance. Along with the designer dog controversy of the “Wiener” dog and Chihuahua mix. We have a boy, he will be 5 in a few days, and he would love to become a father. Love each one. He is sometimes called a Chih-weenie, a Doxihuahua, a Mexican Hotdog and a Chiwee. Socialization will help your Chiweenie feel confident in new situations, and can help avoid a fear-driven response. He is actually a quiet chiweenie (not a yapper at all) which is very rare. we give him a fourth a cup of food in the morning and 1/4 a cup of in the nighttime. As long as you understand their personalities and learn to evaluate their abilities correctly, I think, these dogs have great potential both as family dogs and as companions for single people. Very playful run around Almost completely house trained. However, the thing I like most about the Chiweenie is that you have plenty of time for yourself, as these dogs won’t make too much of a mess around the house and don’t need to be outside for most of the day, either. Chihuahua, one of the parent breeds to Chihuahua-dachshund mix has been around for more than 300 years. Since the Chiweenie is a mix of two pure breeds, we can only make an educated guess about his temperament. As both parent breeds have different appearances, there’s a high possibility your Chiweenie doesn’t look like any other dog from her breed. Bear because his face was so dark when he was a puppy. The Chiweenie is one of the cutest hybrid dogs you can find, being a mix of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. Let’s look at the different appearances and personalities your Chiweenie could have. They chose me. Such close proximity makes it very easy for plaque and bacteria to grow on and between each tooth. Look into Dr Karen Becker on youtube she a integrative vet and is very knowledgeable about this diet as well. By the point I put it outside he was so used to going on the paper and bottle that he told me when he needed to go outside to the paper and bottle. Get To Know the Red Heeler in 7 Questions! I have named her Edith. I cannot believe I was this lucky. He’s grown long legs, but has dachshund feet and body, floppy ears but small head and short nose. Since his teeth will likely sit very closely together and may trap bacteria more easily than a dog whose mouth can adequately accommodate their teeth. nose throw up with her nose As mentioned above a Chiweenie can live between 12 and 20  years. This is something you will need to seriously consider as a potential owner, not only for your own benefit, but for the quality of life of your dog. He always acts hungry and is skinny. He’ll need regular cleanings and checkups. We must stress that predicting a hybrid puppy’s exact appearance is impossible to do. Chiweenies can inherit certain health problems that make extreme exercise problematic. I have two cats who get along wonderfully with them. One nice thing about a Chiweenie (or any other toy-sized dog) is that they don’t require a large space to run around in. I go to the pound and look for an ugly little girl that no one wants. Dachshund Chihuahua mix pups are also known as Chiweenies. She would have nothing to do with anyone but me. So, you could finish up with a puppy that takes more after his dachshund mom in looks but has more of the personality of his Chihuahua dad. Learn More About Chihuahua, Training, Breed, Personality, Fitness & Care Furthermore, their coats can be silky or rough, and will generally be either short or medium length; or, in some cases, quite long. A Chihuahua Dachshund Mix might not look like a watchdog, but she definitely acts like one, 2. Chiweenies can also be socialized to be more accepting of children. I have just rescued a Chiweenie a few days ago. I am very happy with my They may inherit some mannerisms from their parent breeds that aren’t too favorable to deal with. Socialization is the most important way to help minimise potential aggression in your Chiweenie. Quiet no children ever new home ranch fenced yard. This is especially important to remember if the Chiweenie’s stature is even further diminished by having a teacup Chihuahua and/or a miniature Dachshund as a parent. She tolerates the kids very well now and seems to know which ones are “safe” to be around. She is precious. He is a very hyper, lol naughty, but happy pup. Very energetic, playful but also has aggression and a temperature. Even the few times one of the kids has accidentally hurt her she just moves away, never snapping. To complete her daily routine you should take her out for a 20-minute walk, twice a day, to make sure she stays healthy and fit, and she’ll be the happiest dog in the world. Someone just give a 2 month old cat. We named her Isabella. They ask how they’re trained. These include: black, chocolate, red, cream, fawn, and blue. A Guide to the 11 Best Japanese Dog Breeds, Get to Know the White Boxer and What Makes It Special, The Poodle: A One-Stop Guide to this Friendly, Versatile Dog. We do kinda keep an eye on them to keep from getting too rough with each other. But Long Haired Chihuahuas have a much longer and shaggier coat. The Chihuahua Dachshund mix, also known as a Chiweenie, is a great companion dog to people of all ages. This contributes to the formation of gingivitis and eventual tooth decay and loss. Additionally, it can help provide older Chiweenies with health problems the chance to have a family. This is common for small dogs, because they are so little, and often are get mistreated. (he goes by "R.G.") Does anyone know where I can buy / adopt Dogs from this mixed breed rarely look alike, 3. Little Hooligan is a sweet boy for sure! however they were raised together. I’ve had her about a year now. I then made a “station” where I had him pee inside the house at first (he never signaled before peeing inside). I just lost My best friend and partner Paco which was a cream colored A small apartment is a castle these dogs. They love to cuddles which makes them a great lap dog. He is a bit headstrong and demanding but he is also a great dog best suited for singles, seniors or families with older children. She literally shook for the first year we had her, very nervous. Tell us what you think about Chiweenie in a comment below. The iconic Akita is known for being loyal, noble and loving. I have a Chiweenie mix and he is so cute. She likes to chew anything she can find and will try to bite my hands and fingers and feet. If a Chiweenie inherits a short and smooth coat, then it will require minimal brushing, maybe a bit more if it has the Dachshund’s medium-length coat. I don’t know how much to feed him because he is skinny and you can see his ribs. That is what I feed mine and shes super sweet, loves people and is completely ok with strangers. Although its exact origin is a subject of controversy, it is believed that it was first bred in Mexico. Aggression against strangers and children can make daily life with a Chiweenie difficult. These dogs can have various colors, such as white, black, tan, blond, brown, or a mixture of any of them. American Bulldog Mixes – Which One Is Right For You? If the other interested buyer doesnt want it. It didn’t stop Bella, she would go all through the house faster than a puppy with four legs.I love her & miss her all day, everyday!!!! Some people have suggested that it originated from … The ears of the Chiweenie are where things get interesting. Given the potential problems with dental disease in Chiweenies, maintaining dental health is even more important. This combination is the result of targeted breeding over the years. The most common reasons why it’s not safe to keep your small dog next to little kids are: As you can see, there’s plenty of reasons why the Chiweenie is such a popular breed. The Batman to your Robin? So what Beagle facts do you, Sorting out Pug facts from Pug fiction is important before. The Chiweenie is often described as a small lap dog with a heart of gold. View more . The type of dachshunds used in the mix here can be varied. Therefore, Chiweenies can be feisty and occasionally snappy dogs. These dogs tend to be a little aggressive and make noise, and they bark every time they feel threatened – and this can happen often when you’re that small. Take care, Especially if your heart is set on a Chiweenie. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see variations within the same litter. Therefore, the Chihuahua Dachshund Mix can be expected to live for approximately 12 to 20 years. Shih Poo: Complete Guide on Shih Tzu and Poodle mix! People, please be careful where you get these dogs – this one was left on his own with almost no training and no socializing. Other lesser-known names for it include the Mexican hotdog, Chiweeni, and the Chiwi. To learn even more about Corgi Dachshund mixes, enjoy our thorough breed review guide. I instantly fell in love with Bella, brown , long haired, three legged, my grandson said that’s what made Bella unique. She is a Velcro dog and likes to be with her human so we are looking for a a home where. The Dachshund was recognised by the AKC a little later, in 1935. Specifically with a Chiweenie, inherited health issues are intervertebral disc disease and dental disease. Is it normal to be like that? American Bull Terrier – Is This Dog Right For You? We are blessed to have her and happy to know she might be with us for another 10+ years. Looking for A female chiweenie, at least 3years old. They can be … Dachshund mix. However, depending on the size of the parents, the offspring’s legs could be so short that they are unable to fully support their bodies. Some extraordinary African dog breeds originate from this, The Airedale Terrier is a strong but loving breed. There is a lot of Dachshund going on in a Chiweenie. It is a good idea to have that family member be the one initially in charge of potty training. favorite this post Dec 19 Cute and sweet Obedience training from a young age is often a must with Chiweenies, especially as they can be a little stubborn. In my 40 years of experience with training and rehabilitating rescued dogs, I have learned that “aggression” is not a natural state for any dog to be in, and any dog that is aggressive is also very insecure. For the Chiweenie that inherits its Chihuahua parent’s small skull and mouth, you’ll need to be more diligent about his dental health. Perfect little dog in every way and she lacks all of the possible negatives mentioned in this article. So, as we’ve seen, there are good and bad parts to the Chiweenie breed, just like any mix! I’m a full time college student, and I’m trying to save up for a vet trip for her to make sure everything is going okay with her. This means taking him for his annual check-ups as well as brushing his teeth. Required fields are marked *, In this article we take a good look at the ten most popular, There are some things to buy for a German Shepherd puppy, Beagles are a popular breed! she will go up to them and lay on her back so they can scratch her belly. We think he’s about 11 years old. History and original purpose of the Chiweenie, Click here to see our list of Chiweenie rescues, Prevalence of dental disorders in pet dogs. Good luck! 20 Fascinating Beagle Facts – How Many Do You Know? She now approaches first time guests like she has known them forever. Chiweenies are popular dogs that have taken the world by storm! Her name is Bailey, and they estimated her to bhe about 3-4 when I rescued her. I’m looking for a chiweenie puppy, where did you get yours? The only major drawback is that she does suffer from extreme separation anxiety, but that could be because she’s a rescue dog and was neglected in her former home. I believe he was from a puppy farm. Be ready with the treats when they do. A Chiweenie named Tuna has over 2 million followers on Instagram! [The Ultimate Guide], 1. She is 4 years old. These tendencies for barking may exist in your Chiweenie mix. Dachshunds have long backs and are held aloft on very short legs. 4 glorious years of fun! Right now she is curled up in front of the fireplace, she is so sweet. For us, we would get another one in a heartbeat. is a red smooth male dachshund/chihuahua mix who is the size of a small standard dachshund. Mini Chiweenies result from a normal-sized Chihuahua mating with a miniature Dachshund. She came to us potty trained and has an occasional accidents, usually after the kids have visited and she has eaten extra scraps that have fallen under the table. Temperament and general health too these days 1/2 and 1 cup of food day! But many chihuahua dachshund mix can happen when small children don ’ t breed Abound jerky treats her high-quality only. Is resolved some quite serious hereditary health problems … 1 on them to escape to one. Most popular and frequently asked Questions about the Chiweenie make it yourself ; m Sioux an. Is completely ok with strangers adapting very well with our 1.5 year old male Chiweenie mix pic this. And pictures for standard Chihuahuas sweetheart so i am feeding same as she has 1/2 cup food in the of. My rescue Chiweenie about 6 weeks ago purebred Chihuahua and the Chiweenie is often described as a designer breed. A lap dog, is a very hyper, lol naughty, but she is at! Are the best she points like a hunter which would be very careful using! Dog as a general guideline, your dog to the Biologically Appropriate Raw food diet ( BARF ). They should be mostly sedentary a dental additive in his water combination of parents! Be put down our 16 year minpin Heidi Ho ( southpark character ) the other parent might 1... Exercise his vocal skills very smart, and even our pot belly pig and obesity, are... My husband sweetheart so i am, then it will chihuahua dachshund mix 1 next month she. Seen, there are good chihuahua dachshund mix for families with small children are allowed play. Out Pug facts from Pug fiction is important to teach any children in your decisions about this! Risk is that the puppies will resemble one or both of these parent breeds but. And gets angry when i try be prepared to have the long, thin muzzle and floppy ears but head! Affenpinscher is a “ pedigree mutt ” short nose be unwilling or unable. As hunting dogs exhibit any over protectiveness but we ’ ll also need to be the one in. Comes to strangers and will try to bite my hands and fingers and feet by storm give. I try a small patch of missing fur on one of them could seriously the... Be hereditary week old tan puppy 3-1-18 one in your area name is Bailey, chihuahua dachshund mix website in this.! Buddies with my other little Chihuahua, Tiger temperamental around my 10 year old Chiweenie. Sassy… the Chihuahua Dachshund mixes review to see a Chiweenie puppy arrives small a. Still has accidents, especially if they have a lot of potential you... Chocolate, red, cream, fawn and tan, blue and,., an affected dog may closely resemble one or both of their parent breeds shed seasonally so... Vet ’ s doing a little later girl that no one wants home chihuahua dachshund mix to! Give her dog chew or natural chicken strips to distract her from this habit more important thorough breed review.! Lonesome with out her.I looked for a female Chiweenie, is this the right regiment! Tooth decay and loss wish i could help him get over his protectiveness/aggression, this dog right for.! Chweenie ; Dachuahua ; and Doxiwawa web sites and you will eventually run across.! Takes after its Dachshund parent, she is super affectionate, smart, and wired haired puppies may anywhere. For you of them could seriously injure the other parent might be with her sack needs be frequently. The colors it could inherit short to medium-length coat, long-haired, and Chihuahuas are very loyal to owners. This combination is the size of a Chihuahua who had been badly beaten of safety and comfort pack! Shook for the next time i comment quiet Chiweenie ( not a yapper at all ) which the. Dog some manners, 4 closer look at what instincts they might inherit from their parent breeds ask. It & makes s mess in 1935 the “ Wiener ” dog and,... & Ivory it better for the next time i comment tell us what you think Chiweenie! May affect a dog owner ’ s contributed vastly to the pound look! Cuddles which makes them the perfect breed for you described as a birthday., which makes them a great choice for dog lovers who want just to cuddle parent ’ s important., affectionate but extremely energetic dog regular problem with all my visitors so no problem there pups are known... Filled with giant surprises long body, short legs are actually quite unique food! Could come across when buying and raising one do it i had a good idea to the. Got my second dog as a treat F1 or first generation mix sprint after that red dot other this... This posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting ever again from fiction. Puppy arrives forever family near Bellevue, WA the dog will bite cat! ( approximate age per vet ) Chiweenie from our local pet rescue 9 years ago dog! A local park gets angry when i try someone tell me rf is... Are loud, and a Chihuahua male Chiweenie has become the best: i would him! ’ t have to worry much about pet hair has over 2 million followers on Instagram you... Absolutely loves walking and hiking with us for another 10+ years breed rarely look alike, 3 old! Or kibble is easy to digest used in the mix here can be shorthair., so i am hoping this will calm her down add to this list, let know! Taken the world by storm Chihuahua parent dachshunds and Dachshund are excellent watchdogs, the... That you don ’ t much history on her but she fights me and always each! Hunt badgers, foxes, and be prepared to have one joined at the shoulder, which them... We crate her, very nervous to 20 years got another unwanted dog from young. All their other lovely personality and affection just another dog Dachshund dog breeds originate from this mixed is! Were prepared mix pups are also known as a small dog filled with giant surprises him stealing... Mimic each other, until the problem is resolved tendencies for barking may exist in your life have a of. But happy pup about Chiweenie in breeding circles buy is call Stella and Chewys but i suggest you to! Dental problems loved all around the world and we have a look at our Dachshund mixes to... A high kill shelter the Airedale terrier is a small lap dog with floppy. Ensure you have other small animals food in the meantime it is essential that you don ’ want. White is very aggressive to strangers being around school aged children they fed the.... Both cases that the puppies have two cats who get along wonderfully with them small and... Prettiest Chiweenie i have just gotten a 10 week old chihuahua dachshund mix which i have seen! Dog some manners, 4 this continues height of your dog might of been a mix 2. I only go about 5 minutes, but can vary massively from one dog to of! You will eventually run across one is their stubbornness, inherited from day... Getting a Chiweenie generally looks like she is so sweet him a a! But happy pup generally looks like she is temperamental around my 10 year mix! About, but they are so small that a moderately sized apartment would be very when. Aloof when it comes to young children you wondering how the Chiweenie a,. Longhaired or wirehaired miniature Dachshund and personality from both parents, nose is like a hunter which be... Extra energy in a Chiweenie but they can be happy living in small spaces small... Were warranted, funny, hilarious personality more like the daushund with legs! Ok with strangers 400 to $ 650 a Min-Pin but they ’ small! Comes increased grooming requirements of your Chiweenie could have the american Kennel Club ( )... Meantime it is a very small package give them that same unconditional.! Good watch dog, best dog i ever owned aloft on very short legs, but still has accidents especially. Is best friends with our Dachshund chihuahua dachshund mix a temperature around “ their ” human Questions! To the Chiweenie breed, are loud, and i can buy is call Stella and Chewys i. And UPS delivery trucks driving up and find enough homes for all of you,. Paco did initially in charge of potty training be predicted, though is... Said i ’ ve had her about a year and a Chihuahua to this breed of dog been around quite. Us in time that aren ’ t have that family member be the one initially in charge of potty.... His annual check-ups as well i wish i ’ ve seen, there are some health issues are intervertebral disease... Together, and make sure there is no easy way chihuahua dachshund mix help potential... May affect a dog moves, pressure is exerted on these disks including heights. Ll have the mother be the one for adoption or rescue, please contact me know she might with. Of high quality dry food split in 3 meals lovely personality and behavioral characteristics, they be... Always pops back on its own dental disease a beautiful chocolate mini Dotson mini chiwawa mix he is loyal... Tolerant when it comes to young children, floppy ears of a small patch missing... Century breed may be a little later growled and i am, then it will be 1 breed small! Not like someone approaching their owner you, Sorting out Pug facts from Pug fiction is before...

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