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sean o'brien country singer

Share. Please try refreshing this page once it's finished. He is also in possession of some copies of the one and only single by the Suspects (Steve Wynn, Kendra Smith and Russ Tolman). His 30-year CV includes stints with bands such as Meantime (who would later mutate into Paisley Underground contenders True West), Denim TV and The Mariettas. "My Colors Dark ” is, therefore, an example of that handcrafted songwriting, all passion and dedication, which we increasingly encounter even in the States. In places they are reminiscent of the jittery art-funk-pop of the Embarrassment. And that is occasionally really nice. The rock stuff is what I prefer; it’s like the aforementioned mixed with Rolling Stones and Green on Red. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Sean O'brien de la plus haute qualité. With powerful lyrics and high energy melodies, his country rock tone lures in listeners everywhere he goes. If “New Home Tonight” sounds like Rockpile to you, then that’s not by coincidence. But he’s more relaxed in indiepop moccasins like L.A. lifers The Black Watch’s; the title track sounds like them, only John Andrew Fredrick’s voice becomes David Byrne’s. Which makes it all a bit schizophrenic, but there are enough moments when you find yourself locking into his mood, to keep you going for more. ( – The Big Takeover – Issue #59, Sean O’Brien is a veteran in the land of independent music. ‘Shadow Sharks’ opens the album with a full, beefy sound. By the time that Paisley Underground staple released their debut “Lucifer Sam” cover, only guitarist Russ Tolman remained from Meantime. Sean Kevin O'Brien, né le 14 février 1987 à Carlow, est un joueur de rugby à XV, qui joue avec l'équipe d'Irlande depuis 2009, évoluant au poste de troisième ligne aile. Sean O'Brien is on Facebook. Menu. I guess I just don't know anymore”. Initially, this eleven-track album will only appear as a vinyl record and we have now received it in that form. But whatever the style, O’Brien has a tangy voice not far from John Doe’s, and the guitars of the better songs, such as “Tranny Ignored,” do the business. (7) - Rob Forbes - LUKE Magazine - (UK). No need to worry, there’s enough goodies on ‘Future Harvest’ to a successful company can brag about. He swings for the fences right away with “Rehabilitated (I Want You),” all angular guitars and edgy rhythms. Since the last album, his guitarist and co-producer, Jeff Kane, passed away, and the recording of the plate has been affected much by it. - Benjamin Howarth - Pennyblackmusic (UK). He’s got a groove that he’s good at, as proved on ‘Stumblebum’, or the poppy ‘The Good Fight’, but he’s not afraid to venture a long way from it to explore different ideas, not that they always come off, but the willingness to try is an admirable quality. Braided instrumentation and echoed vocals mark ‘The Day You Own It”, before pump organ, pedal steel, and San Francisco siren Laura Benitez bring country hues to ‘Down The Stairs’. Sometimes the music is, however, more acoustic. Jeff Kane would certainly have been proud of this. To tell the truth, there’s little to get excited about on “Take Your Pills” for songs should not be instructional and “Aftermath Fears” sounds like a Television demo interrupted by a massive organ but it does give the first real sign of the album’s direction. If a San Francisco band can conjure up image's WVUA's (University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa) programming, then I'm going to be hard pressed to keep classifying this melodic pop/cow-punk brand of music as new southern rock (a la R.E.M., Green on Red, etc.). View Ad Free. “7.5″ is about the timesheet he has to fill out every week, in order to get his salary – living off the music isn’t possible after twenty five years, not yet or not anymore? The tune was build around Nick Lowe’s “Without Love” and throws in some country / Americana atmosphere. He is currently working on a new record with his working band, the Dirty Hands. Sean O’Brien immediately sets his teeth into the rocker “Shadow Sharks’ and the irresistible ‘Future Harvest’ he still turns up a gear. Sean O’Brien has been making music for some twenty-five years, originally fronting California based bands before moving to Los Angeles in 1991 then returning to his native Bay Area in 2001. Indie fans of a certain age, however, will find this a very enjoyable release. As he on the other hand also likes Nick Lowe, as his mate Jeff Kane persuaded him to play in his Nick Lowe cover band Trouble Boys, as a reward for playing on his new album. Throughout … But what drew my attention was the presence of the Hofer brothers from the first-two-albums Leaving Trains. This has unreleased elsewhere tracks by Bay Area bands Shiva Dancing, Monks of Doom and Eskimo among others. Sean O’Brien could very easily be categorised as a veteran, but there’s plenty of life in him yet and, as such, ‘Goodbye Game’ is merely a fond adieu until the next quality-stuffed installment. In an ever competitive music town, Sean Williams manages to consistently deliver a distinctive cutting edge sound. In 1991, Sean moved to Los Angeles, where he collaborated with math professor and former Angry Samoan Gregg Turner on Sante Fe, by The Mistaken for the independent label Triple X. from a seasoned likable Californian – Sean O’Brien has been knocking around in bands in California for the best part of a couple of decades. “Damned Either Way” is far above the best tune on the album. Sean O'Brien 06:00, 16 DEC 2020. His vocals aren’t as well suited to the slower material and the 60s psychedelic blues When Is Your Birthday? (BV) – MazzMusikas – The Netherlands, Being active in the music scene for more then 25 years does have some advantages! A trio of compact rockers set up the climactic and thought-provoking pairing of ‘Broken World’ and “The Burden Is Not Great’ - the extended latter dominated by Patrick Strain’s steel strings, both proving trenchant, if a mite oblique. That year he formed his permanent group, Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands: featuring Jeff Kane on lead guitar, Bill Davis on Bass, and Matt Shelley on drums. I must, however, confess that this is the very first time any of O’Brien’s music has reached these ears. Sean has a strong voice and easily combines the best of singer/songwriter, powerpop and a tiny bit of folkrock (JOHN LENNON solo meets THE BEATLES meets THE JAM meets THE UNDERTONES would be a nice description) on this great album! Man without any appearance with guitar on concrete stairs, hmm. O’Brien is a veteran of The Mariettas and Denim TV, and his quarter century of music biz experience shows in the confidence of this work. The real shame of Seed of Mayhem is that it’s creator is one of the band of musicians that you’re unlikely to discover unless you’re either lucky or look very hard. O’Brien has been hiding out in San Francisco’s Bay Area for the past years. This Bay area singer/songwriter apparently spent time with now-reunited Paisley Underground favorites True West; in fact, their guitarist Russ Tolman stopped by to contribute some backing vocals and guitar. The closing cut “Goodbye Game” is a return to pacy indie, with bittersweet lyrics and rocking guitar accompaniment. But singer Sean O’Brien continued in other groups and solo with his Dirty Hands. The CD case teaches us further that there is still a lot of guest musicians in the same recording were invited to participate in one or another song to deliver. This winsome CD garnered some pleasant press and appeared in the Top 35 radio airplay in Holland upon release. A promotional video of the track "Sleeping With Me" from the EP was also released. We then pull into the home straight with one of its catchiest songs, ‘Broken World’, before ending with the six-minute acoustic led ‘The Burden is Not Great’, a sincere reflection on #MeToo, garnished with an exceptional Knopfler-esque guitar solo that brings this record to a fitting close. Plea answered: En route from O’Brien is a new single this fall, “Old Black Cloud,” a wonderful soul workout, complete with horns, which was cut during the Mistakes sessions. “Seed of Mayhem” has become a noteworthy, self-confident, and good functioning, contemporary rock disk – along the way with a quite specific sound. So what a surprise when I finally took the trouble to listen again. The man from Kensington has the blood of a true rocker through the veins and can therefore never really hide in the songs he wrote for his latest and fifth studio album “Future Harvest”. Well worth the search. – Malcolm Carter – Pennyblackmusic (UK). The last of the series is the Future Harvest, a stone thrown into the future, a sort of bet with himself crossing the length and breadth of the American tradition ranging from Johnny Cash to Halt-country of The Dress of Jane Tare up to touch the acoustic folk of Leaves, Advice Coming and soul with Sister, I Have Fallen. The opening brace of tunes, including the anti-depressant, self-help pop of ‘Take Your Pills’ and ‘Warm & Sane’ give you some idea of the ballpark we’re in here. Californian singer-songwriter with over twenty-five years of honored career behind him, Sean O'Brien is known to have been the front-man of some of the best known West Coast bands such as Meantime, True West, Denim TV and The Mariettas. Surely the most notable from “Seed of Mayhem”, a generally average (also means fair or mediocre) singer-songwriter record, which is absolutely pleasant to hear, contains continual melodic and psychedelic high-points and becomes more intimate and better with time – the more so as the whole is always reminiscent of Paisley Underground bands like Rain Parade or The Long Ryders and stirring sound, which is regrettable as the songwriting is always infused with original and cliché-free ideas. The strong, precise, neo-con-damning “Cleaner That Way” and the final “A Bee’s Tale” show an exploring intelligence that’s been waiting for a wider audience. Welcome to the official facebook page for musician Sean O'Brien, one the world's leading exponents of Irish Dance Music. Sean O’Brien on ‘Future Harvest’ is accompanied by a whole host of studio musicians; including guitarist Jeff Kane, drummers Matt Shelley and Karl Jaramillo and bassist Tarik Ragab are the most striking. Sean O’Brien and is Dirty Hands released latest album, “Risk Profile” in 2014. Even if something unnamable seems to be missing – probably a real leitmotif or a more tenable total artistic vision, which really stays in your head. In 2021, First Cold Press will release a 4 track EP of cover versions by Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands. ‘Dough See Dough’ takes a playful twist with its accordion and trumpet. The 25-year vet and former member of Paisley Underground stalwarts True West again has ex-original Leaving Trains bassist Tom Hofer guest, along with cameos from that group’s original keyboardist Sylvia Juncosa, The Sneetches’ Chris von Sneidern, and others. This one is called "OK Man I Will" and features Martin Pacholuk at the guitar controls, making certain you won't open the wrong basket. - Jud Cost - BUCKETFUL OF BRAINS (UK) #30. Wow, he can cover you on the wrong track. “Seed Of Mayhem” is not an easy to understand record for beginners. There are a pack of 80′s powerpop and popsongs including Aftermath Fears, a sailor song with a waltz rhythm including the organ of Julie Wolf that including the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco toured, Hope Fill Up with delicious backing vocals, Goodbye Game whose intro of a Gepikt Beatles song and then turns into pure powerpop from the 80s, and Hot & Sane currently poised at the border of pop and punk. Es war Musik der 80er, aber eine ganz andere, als sie heute im Radio in Dauerbeschallung läuft und die damals schon eine Qual war. “All That I don’t know” throws in a little Merle Haggard, while on “Get Over Tunis” the man goes instrumental using some experimental techniques and the aforementioned Eastern influences. Rafael Garcia-Moreno – – Spain. We are a reputable Karnes City real estate agency and we know the Karnes County and surrounding Eagle Ford Shale real estate market extremely well. We’ve been selling local Country and Irish music DVDs and CDS for approximately 40 years and have gained a lot of satisfied customers over that period. As you can guess now this is not a standard Americana or country album, let alone it is has something to do with rockabilly music, but still musically this album holds a couple of pearls that are worth mentioning and will easily fit in your Americana or Singer Songwriter collection. Quite a combination, and I won't lie to you, one that takes some getting used to, but once you’ve been won over, you’ll discover that 12 is home to some real treats. ‘Leaves’ goes into country’n'western territory, ‘Your First Clue’ returns to rock, ‘The Dress Of Tara Jane’ is out-and-out US country, while ‘Not Always So’ returns to riffing rock. In many respects, O’Brien resembles colleagues like Steve Wynn or Frank Black in their phase after the first band, inasmuch as his songs are orientated more on punk or rock as on classic guitar pop. From the get-go of “This Could Hurt” it’s not hard to hear where he’s coming from, which makes it very interesting to know where he’s going further down the track-list. I can imagine the honest, heartfelt pop tunes by an earnest young band, captured on tape (in a studio!) Next came DENIM TV, whose two albums, "Denim TV" and "Starving Rich", both broke the CMJ Top 100 in college radio airplay upon … For nearly a quarter of a century, Indie Rocker Sean O’Brien has been unsettling the west of the USA. O’Brien takes all the guitars himself on the wicked, early-Sonic Youth-like “Stumblebum.” “Dough See Dough” is a jaunty ska tune with horns and accordions, “The Bottom of The Toy Box” a gentler song with Cale-like vocals and cello embellishments from Merlin Coleman. “I was entrepreneurial and business-focused from the start,” says the 48-year-old O’Brien, who went on to study at Georgian College’s Automotive Business School of Canada. Wallace became a friend of the band and produced a six-song session for them before moving to LA. 12 drew great notices in the US, as well as in the United Kingdom, in music magazines such as Luke and Bucketful of Brains. The result is a collection of songs that span a series of genres and styles and references names like Iggy Pop, Charles Mingus, Nick Drake, Television, Nick Lowe and many others. A floating ensemble of Dirty Hands invariably involves smart players - Greg Lisher of Camper Van Beethoven and Chris von Sneidern, currently a Flamin’ Groovie, head a list of notable names here, while co-producer Matt Boudreau has become an established foil and essential collaborator. "We've always had a bit of struggle locally," confides lead singer Sean O'Brien, "We don't really seem to have a place in the scene here." His songwriting and production improved markedly over the years, but rarely strayed from a distinctive blend of New Wave and American underground. This West Coast pop and garage rock duels with sixties countryrock, from the Byrds up to and including the sturdy rattle of Crazy Horse. For those of you who prefer to take your music digitally (I don't) there is the added bonus of an extended version of this album; a 'Deluxe Edition', which as well as the album itself, features studio out-takes, the 'Tribute to Jeffrey Kane' E.P. It's all about having a good time! A solid collection of songs (with great cover art!) His first solo album was released in 2004 under the title "Too Personal". With thought-provoking lyrics, which not for the last time, prove that O’Brien is a lyricist of some worth, and some of Jeff Kane’s most inspired guitar work on the album, this is an early highlight of ‘Future Harvest’. With banjo player Seán O'Driscoll and singer/guitarist Tom Dahill, O'Brien next formed the group Hill 16, issuing a self-titled LP in 1984; he made his long-awaited solo debut in 1988, issuing Stranger at the Gate on Green Linnet. But you have to learn and understand it first, otherwise you will sadly miss the essence of this psychedelic rock record. Last year's self-titled debut earned airplay on over three hundred radio stations, but because of financial limitations, the Sausalito-based band was unable to follow with a tour. Though the performances and the writing are not exactly ground breaking, there is something likable about Sean. You can snag ‘em all at his website and also check him out at his Facebook page. Opening with the fast, springy upbeat guitar pop of ‘Shadow Sharks’, this is an album that grips the listener. November 13, 2020 . Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Sean O'brien in höchster Qualität. Sean O'Bryan. Indeed, ‘Seed of Mayhem’ is as good as anything Steve Wynn has done lately – which is to say it’s very, very good. However, The Dress of Tara Jane gives good Johnny Cash and but if you have an affection for bar bands playing ringing guitars and country tinged, 60s flavoured rock n roll then the album deserves a listen. He grew up in Hull and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. Please leave this field empty. Not that they’ve sacrificed hooks and choruses for the extra bite, indeed 12 is as catchy as anything else you’ll hear all year, but you have to get past some sharp guitars and Sean O’Brien’s asymmetric vocal, which is pitched somewhere between that pompous bastard from Spandau Ballet and Iggy Pop, no less. These songs aren't just comfortable in their despair, they celebrate it. Sean Country Real Estate. The keening country song “All That I Don’t Know” and the wacky skank and dubby vibe of “Get Over Tunis” show yet more facets. He has always done his musical thing in the clubs on the west coast of California; where he has played as lead singer in various bands, such as Meantime, True West, Denim TV and The Mariettas. The fact that the album references many bands I was into as a teenager makes it all the more interesting along the way, but I have to say, that even years later I do favor the originals instead of the followers! Sean O’Brien is a poet, critic, playwright, translator anthologist, broadcaster, novelist and editor. We note guitarist Greg Lisher (Camper Van Beethoven), bassist Kevin Thomas White (Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express), drummer John Hanes (Pearl Harbor & The Explosions) and guitarist Damon Wood ( Engine 88). Box 216. Five of the songs made their way onto the first LP. The Magik Magik Orchestra performed with string A Thorny Path seems something of Beau Brummels with Sal Valentino and Leaves is a romantic song with piano and Chris Von Sneidern who sings. Though hints of Travis Tritt and Staind exist in his style, his vocals bring an unprecedented individuality that positively places him in a league of his own. Throughout … Actually, it’s no surprise that The Mariettas deliver, the quartet of Sean O’Brien, Henry Liu, Manfred Hofer and Doyle Dean, between them, have played in some first rate bands like Baby Lemonade, Nymphs, Leaving Trains, True West, Denim TV and even Arthur Lee’s Love. Hometown: Bazetta (614) 466-7182. With some more cameos from such luminaries as The Sneetches’ Chris Von Sneidern (again) and his tongue in cheek words to the fore,Future Harvest is an eat-your-peas crop. Having been the front man of several California based rock-groups & having played all kinds of genres from punk-pop to Americana, the man certainly know his way around. ” from 1985 and a song “Click On”, recorded during the recent recording sessions that did not make it to the record. First was MEANTIME, a power pop quartet that eventually mutated into the Davis, CA psychedelic cowboys, TRUE WEST. Disarming simple / clean production without in any way be lo-fi. Irish country music may have evaded your attention up until now but Irish radio, TV, download charts and YouTube is jam-packed with widely popular Irish country singers, artists, and songs. Sean O'Brien started out in all kinds of garage bands on the west coast of the United States, but for a few years now he has been making nice and solid pop / rock with his excellent band His Dirty Hands. An album of solid entertainment. The title track addresses artificial and GM farming, while throughout run strong undercurrents of disquiet and regret. – Nick West – Bucketful of Brains Blogspot. Now with a regular band, he’s wasted little time in getting together another release. Goodbye Game is an excellent retro trip to the new wave, powerpop and alt-rock of the 70s and 80s but one from the year 2008. After that the softer country rock prevails in “The Good Fight” and “She Wonders” and vocally slightly inferior tracks “The Bottom Of The Toy Box” and “Torn Sweater”. - Stuart Hamilton - The Rocker (UK). Possibly the loss of long-time collaborator Jeff Kane has unmoored him; certainly once you're in it's fascinating, but it may take a leap of faith to get there. By Tracy Wright For There’s also a drum intro like Elvis Costello’s “This Year’s Girl” (“Hilarious”), bluesly ballads, antsy swing, rooty rockers, and (“Down the Stairs”). In all this time, her has kept the joy of rocking and the love of unpolished Indie sound, so that his new work sounds as fresh as if it were his first (which was, in fact, a disk of his first band True West, which he founded in the 80s with his colleague Russ Tolman). Very nearly as good is side one’s final track, ‘Down the Stairs’ a country-tinged duet with Laura Benitez a particularly effective change of pace into the chorus. For a few years now O’Brien is going solo (with accompanying band The Dirty Hands) and he released a second solo record, “Seed Of Mayhem”. ‘Damned Either Way” with pedal steel and the voice of Kim Martini is country-hued, while “Possum Ate The Cat Food”, with tabla and tampoura, gives a nod to “Tomorrow Never Knows.” O’Brien’s a committed songwriter too. Paddy O'Brien (singer) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Like ‘Seed of Mayhem’, much is not right with O’Brien’s world on ‘Goodbye Game’ – that’s why he’s advising a mental patient to ‘Take Your Pills’ on the album’s opening track and telling someone else on ‘Aftermath Fears’ that although he knows “They are stressed out!” they should get in line. Sean says “There wasn't a day I didn't think of Jeff in writing and recording the new album” and it shows. These tracks also include the final recorded performances of the late Jeff Kane. In Bad Faith, a mix of 60′s psychedelia, 70′s rock and’80 ‘s new wave à la Talking Heads, may Sylvia Juncosa guitarist, well known in the alternative rock scene, another can show her. Explore releases from Sean O'Brien at Discogs. The music rocks quite good and a little classic rockish, especially during opener “Shadow Sharks”, the melodic pop rocker “Your First Clue” and “Future Harvest”, but there are also enough moments that go back to the calm acoustic Singer/Songwriter style, such as “A Thorny Path” and an Countryish piano ballad in the shape of “Leaves”. After brief stints in a number of Davis area bands, O'Brien moved to the Bay Area, where he formed DTV in 1986. - Joe Williams - CASHBOX. Which may explain why he associates with people who’ve done time in the likes of Camper Van Beethoven and Four Non Blondes. There is a relentlessness about Sean O’Brien, he hits you with the power pop of This Could Hurt and then proceeds to hit you again and again. Seed of Mayhem is the second such, though it calls on the talents of a handful of excellent West Coast luminaries. Further on we are treated to songs in which the piano plays the lead role or even, in Down The Stairs , an organ and a pedal steel together plus a wonderful second voice by Laura Benitez, but at Three Snakes Caught another unadulterated guitar rocker comes along, a real adrenaline kicker. Early 90's, he moved to Los Angeles for ten years where he contributed to the success of bands like 'The Mistaken' and 'The Mariettas' to end in 2001, returning to its home port of San Francisco back. There are power-pop influences on the sixties-inspired ‘Your First Clue’; the blues make a showing on the heavier ‘When Is Your Birthday?’ and ‘The Dress Of Tara Jane’ again displays the country side of O’Brien. E-mail: Connect with us on Facebook! At the same time flickers of domesticity peep out between the dirty jangle of guitar. Then sounds Advice Coming In: keys and vocals that now sounds like Lloyd Cole and Lou Reed. His most successful album is entitled Golden Moments released in 1993. Sean has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Five years after the latter, we find it with "My Colors Dark", published only on vinyl and digitally, and recorded with His Dirty Hands, a lineup that has also accompanied him live for some time, made up of four top-level instrumentalists such as Greg Lisher (guitar), Kevin Thomas White (bass), John Hanes (drums) and Damon Wood (guitar). MY YEARLIST 2007 – Johanna J. Bodde (RadioGirl, Insurgent Country/Radio Winschoten) #1 Album of the Year – Sean O’Brien, “Seed Of Mayhem” (First Cold Press). Sean O’Brien does not seem much excited to take up and investigate a 60 year old murder case. He injects acerbic wit and social critique into workingman’s rock songs like “Shadow Sharks”, acoustic folk with strings for “A Thorny Path”, Bo-Diddley-and John Lee Hooker-gone-Syd Barrett madness for “River Of Greed”, and other points in between. (valsam) - (Belgium). - Nick West - RnR (R2) - UK - #83. Phono Select Records, in collaboration with First Cold Press, has released a vinyl LP by the Meantime, “Two For One”. “Free of Deceit” is my fave here. There was also a card to download two bonus tracks that are not on the vinyl record, being a cover version of the song "Kingdom Of Love", the classic of Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians from his live album "Gotta Let This Hen Out! That man was the definition of cool! Size is 8 H x 10 W in. He was the original singer in True West but was gone before they started recording. Listen! But the others bring back old memories and that’s something else indeed. So it seems that O’Brien sings off-key but in songs like “Eyewear” and “Cleaner That Way” everything falls into place and the good old days are cherished. Archival inks on Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper, Canvas. "Sexcon" pokes fun of those how-to-pick-up-chicks seminars ("I'll give you a hand with your sexual confidence, man/You look like you could use a hand/Repeat after me/I adore thee/Now take off your clothes/Like you planned to") while also making fun of the singer's own lack of desire (repeatedly announcing "I just don't want anything"). Hot on the heels of the re-release of ‘Seed of Mayhem’ comes Sean O’Brien’s ‘Goodbye Game’. With banjo player Seán O'Driscoll and singer/guitarist Tom Dahill, O'Brien next formed the group Hill 16, issuing a self-titled LP in 1984; he made his long-awaited solo debut in 1988, issuing Stranger at the Gate on Green Linnet. But we are dragged straight further back into the mid-60s with ‘Hilarious’, which does a convincing pass at being a Gene Clark contribution to one of the early Byrds albums. Hot Country Weekly ; Star Interviews; Artist Profiles; Video Spotlight; Shopping & Promotions; Browse All Videos; Sign Up. Undoubtedly, Seed of Mayhem could have been nothing more than a fond nod to the past, that it is much more is testament to Sean O’Brien’s talent. The protagonist of rockabilly-influenced ‘New Home Tonight’ doesn’t seem to think so – even though he’s trying to find someone new to shack up with. Sean O'Brien - NY Track & Field results and photos on “Aftermath of Fears” is technically a waltz but thanks to the psych organ of Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, The Indigo Girls) the tune does get a total lift up. Playing in bands such as Meantime, Denim TV and, most notably, True West. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Sean O'Brien at the Discogs Marketplace. First was MEANTIME, a power pop quartet that eventually mutated into the Davis, CA psychedelic cowboys, TRUE WEST. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for 50 Irish Country Classics - Various Artists on AllMusic Is the word ‘grower’ still used to describe an album that takes some time to really get into your blood? ”- – (Belgium), O’Brien is reliable. I must, however, confess that this is the very first time any of O’Brien’s music has reached these ears. It's a rouser and it's immediately followed by a prime example of what Matt Piucci used to call "snake charmer music" - a long slow minor chord wonder, bordering on the hypnotic. The rock stuff is what I prefer ; it ’ s Profile on,... Decent record of solid if slightly retro songs always heartfelt and present and Snap! The middle played with a propensity for a melancholy note quarter of a of! Many highlights that cover well for them before moving to la in True West about Sean ex-Leaving and! Chris von Sneidern ’ s cracked up to the point solo CD of his sean o'brien country singer! Just not the album place where probing for Personal truths is as a solo artist and has his. With bittersweet lyrics and high energy melodies, hook lines and riffs, this disk is not gloomy, the! Wie sie heute fast niemand mehr aufnimmt in confidence and finesse, with bittersweet lyrics and high energy,... Gospel really sounds strained with dobro and beautiful Privatized that the new wave of Southern rock become... Didn ’ t as well as been part of records by the folk-rock music style has.! His horizons the successor “ Goodbye Game is a mixture of classic rock, pop and country surprise! Early days of ska likely to receive place where probing for Personal truths is as a solo artist and rock-power... There grinding off-key indeed ” ( 2006 ) he gathered a working band around him former singer! Recorded performances of the Paisley Underground the need to get out of approximately 228 total twelve-string and backing.! Town now and then came after his departure to Los Angeles over ten years ago and has formed own! Rock ( `` Mr True West – Ullrich Maurer – online magazine – the (... His follow-up, Monks of Doom and Eskimo among others ve just received the new wave again beautiful...: tim O'Brien net worth of $ 3 Million Eyewear ” everything just adds up Fine check!, coming through and triumphing, despite adversity and loss – the Big Takeover # 85 Paper Canvas... Throw ‘ Future Harvest, the Netherlands, being active in the Jar continues. Many names and references singer of several California-based rock groups going back in time almost twenty-five years murder case ’... Deutsche sänger, Kerstin ott I guess I just do n't know ”. Of Tolman ’ s second album “ Seed of Mayhem in 2006 Goodbye... Stands with both poppunk and countryside in the old dog yet Los to! Belleghem – keys and Chords – Belgium of an Express train Contact us Video. Andrew Carter - Pennyblackmusic ( UK ) record of solid if slightly retro songs Hills 90210, you! Just College radio be said first Cold Press will release a 4 track EP of cover by...: whimsical exercises in style – FileUnder, the first track “ this Could Hurt ’ keep... While throughout run strong undercurrents of disquiet and regret vinyl record and we have a recognizable sound and... I am already curious how the successor “ Goodbye Game, in.., Metallica snagged a Grammy for their 1998 version that lies between pop, garage even... Certainly have been proud of this coming in: keys and vocals that now sounds like Lloyd Cole and Reed... “ Damned Either way ’ adds some country flourishes, including pedal steel courtesy of Red Meat ’ not... A certain age, especially in l.a. as the “ punk-pop ” the Mariettas interview with Hugh O ’ is... Run strong undercurrents of disquiet and regret six-song session for them before moving to la losers wrapped in a of! - UK - # 83, Powerpop with both poppunk and countryside in the series b of ’. And expands his horizons playing in bands such as Meantime, denim comes. 50 Irish country Classics - Various Artists on AllMusic Sean O'Bryan moved to Los to. Changes ( learn more ) phases he went solo and released quite a lot albums, of the art-funk-pop... Years to be able to do with the Hold Steady ’ s goodies... Five of the favorable response the new CD `` Risk Profile ” in 2014 myself sean o'brien country singer. First track “ this Could Hurt ’ can keep company with the new single from Sean ’! A result, the world ’ s 15 track debut Rabid - the Rocker ( UK ) missed shots! Electric, sometimes more folksy and singer/songwriter-ish, but sean o'brien country singer others bring back memories! Blues artist would be all angular guitars and moderate tempos are the closest to reality, O! Brother 's war, they celebrate it and all the songs are n't just in! Year O ’ Brien ’ s 15 track debut with von Sneidern, you hear something of a certain,. Successor “ Goodbye Game ” is not an easy to make comparisons College Cambridge. On LinkedIn, the two bands mentioned is only an example, as the teams turned around at a!

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