Learn about Buñol

Buñol is Tomatina’s home. Here the popular party has been celebrated since 1945, one of the most anticipated celebrations of the summer. But this town is not only the battlefield of the tomato war, it is a town that conserves an important heritage. Below, you have a list of suggestions to enjoy even more your experience in the Valencian town of Buñol.

What to see in Buñol

If after the party, you want to know more about this town, in this section we show you can visit in the town.

Castle buñol
The Castle of Buñol dates from the XI-XII century, it is located in the centre of the town. Two enclosures divided by artificial pits and a small bridge 400 meters long. Around, old houses are grouped to form a small labyrinth of alleys and squares. A walk through a picturesque place, highly recommended.
Iglesia de San Pedro
Church buñol
The Church of San Pedro is a catholic temple of the XVII century with a neoclassical style. Indoors there are three naves, with a decoration of the Corinthian order,
the most elegant of the classic style.
Ermita de San Luis Beltrán
hermitage buñol
It is a small neo-Gothic temple in the middle of nature. A cosy corner, located next to a fountain, dedicated to San Luin Beltrán, adorned with a colourful ceramic panel.
Música en Buñol
Buñol is also known for this two music bands: La Artística and la Harmonica. Both bands awarded in International competitions and with more than 100 years
of history. Take advantage of your visit to the Tomatina to know a little more this Valencian town. Surely you will be surprised by the history and the
architectural heritage it has.