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how to weigh down cucumber in fish tank

The pieces are too large to boil, so I've made the decision to weigh them down in the tank. I have a piece of drift wood I would like to place in my tank, but it wont sink. T. TorPeteO Fish Crazy. Take the tank-side magnet of your magnetic algae cleaner. 7 years ago. Make sure it's stainless and not galvanised. To make the cucumber sink, just spike a metal teaspoon through a piece, which will keep it down on the bottom. Report abuse. Even though lead is a toxic metal, lead bands are often used to weight down bunch plants. It’s also worth noting that very few species of fish eat all types of algae. Make sure it’s finely chopped and maybe put it in with something else. Garlic is very good for fish, but only the juice. Answer Save. The other things help to make it sink...but it also makes it rot faster and could foul the tank so you have to take it out quicker. KristinAnn. Joined May 6, 2004 Messages 2,610 Reaction score 0 Location leeds, uk. Step 1. Weight down the slice of cucumber or piece of lettuce in the bottom of the tank at night. The fork provides the weight to sink the cucumber slice. So the break down of proteins inevitably leads to the release of ammonia into the water. For fish who do like cucumber, most prefer the softer middle, so make sure plenty of that is exposed. Ian pins his down with a fork. answer #2. Good luck to you! 5. mervin2. Some people also use lettuce and soften it first with hot water. Its a strong clip with a suction cup attached. Comment Report abuse. Do you cut a small slice / chunk and drop it in the tank? you can do this with sliced zucchini, cucumber, and lettuce. I read that they love cucumbers!! In a healthy aquarium, aquatic plants shed leaves, tropical fish constantly shed mucus and when we add fish food (live, frozen or dried), we add a quantity of protein to our aquarium. I have a bit of lettuce and cucumber. Aquarium plants are lighter than water, so they'll rise to the surface as soon as you put them into the tank. I am very pleased with the purchase. Any suggestions would be appreciated. my pleoco would cme up for that floating cucumber and enjoys it sometimes it takes away to its hidey place.I also feed him tomatoes, watermelon, spinach. Just the rubber band sometimes works too but you may need to crisscross a couple of them. EDIT2: Blanched veggies are better for fish than raw veggies, because blanching them makes their nutrients more digestible, useable, etc. Thanks!!! I'm positive my pleco intentionally chews by the fork I place through the veggie so it'll float off. reply #4. vicdad999999. In other words, with a few snails on your side, the water quality can actually be higher and you have to change it less frequently. Blanched means covered in boiling water, but that doesn't work with cucumber and zucchini which would just turn to pulp. Do not choose too many plants for your tank that there will be not much room for your fish. Anyways, does anyone have any ideas to weigh the veggies down? Cut it in half with a pair of pliers or snips and use one half to skewer the courgette or cucumber. If you don't boil them, use a rubber band to attach some weight (like a small rock) to a slice of cucumber, then place it on the bottom of the tank. I have some pieces of driftwood that I was hoping to put in my fish tank that simply won't stop floating. I feed the fry one flake crushed up per day, and I read that I can place a piece of cucumber into the tank to satisfy their hunger and the aggression will stop. A lot of them aren't actually made of lead. Garlic is also another great food. should I put it in the day or night? HI everyone! Thanks, Pete . He's a turd! then cool them before putting them in the tank you can either weigh them down or let them float your fish will find them either way. Dec 31, 2007. If not, what can i use? If any cucumber is left in the tank, don't let them sit for over 24 hours, because then they would harm your water quality. NY Reefs. Remove the cucumber or lettuce and discard the snails. 0 1. danielle Z. Lv 7. Observe the fish as they feed. generally blanch the vegetables first, ie give them a dip in boiling water for a few seconds. 9 Answers. Would fishing line and a fishing weight work? Or you can use a "lettuce clip," available at many aquarium shops, to attach the cucumber slice to the side wall of the tank. Share. plants plecos. Holding down cucumber? Basically, if you have a fish, try feeding veggies and fruits~you may be surprised. Or will it release chemicals? Goldies will eat just about anything. OP . The simple fact is that people probably don’t check on their sea cucumber quite as often as they would a fish or a coral in the tank. Before feeding your fish any vegetable or fruit, rinse thoroughly before cutting up. I was going to use some fishing sinkers but i was … I've used many smaller pieces of driftwood from nature throughout the years. You can try to weigh it down will a heavy rock or decoration. Sep 19, 2004 #2 have you blanched it? I am trying to brain storm the best ideas to sink this piece of drift wood. I've even tries two forks. Very funny!! It has been soaking for a while and wont sink. Pretty much all fish will have a nibble at cucumber, but plec's will make a meal out of it. I don't care if they move them as long as the plants are weighed down. Do you have to tie it to some sort of weight or something to get it to stay down, or can you just let it sit in water and (eventually) it will sink? I have some cool rocks, but I'm looking for interesting and attractive ideas to help weigh those suckers down. So, why are some aquarists so desparate to wipe them out? I have a few decorations that need to be weighed down in the tank so that they can sink. Share with: Link: Copy link. Hi Guys, For all you guys who feed your fish cucumber, I want to ask how you feed it? hahahah. Do you skin them? you can put the veggies in the clip and suction the cucumber at the bottom of the tank on the inside of the glass It will start to rot badly after that, and contaminate the water. 10 years ago. Collect a few small, unevenly shaped rocks. Paul Roney. You can also use other substrates. and when is the best time to feed him? BrownsFan. plants. Blanch the veggies first though, that makes it easier for them to eat. Jennifer Long. Make sure to layer the bottom of the tank with up to eight centimeters of gravel or one and a half pounds per gallon of water. Read more. answer #2. 5.0 out of 5 stars Stainless and great! I leave mine in for up to 2 days. Just do not leave them in a tank for more than 8 hours or so. To feed a pleco, put several pieces of driftwood in its tank, which your fish can suck and scrape to get the fiber it needs. Lv 6. So there will probably still be some algae growing somewhere in the tank. Helpful. It is great for Malawi Cichlids’ health and immune system. A few plants have come a bit loose, but I just fish the weight out of the bottom of the tank and reuse it. You have to weight them down. Use a large rubber band to temporarily hold a plastic clothes pin or snack bag clip on the back. I just got my first pleco and have been reading about there diet. What is the best way to weigh down driftwood in a fish tank? 7 years ago. The Common plec is an omnivore that prefers greens, most green vegetables will be eaten, you have to weight down cucumber, but blanched peas, cabbage leaves etc will all be eaten.

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